Do you smoke vapes?

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Vape Companies

We are here to help you combat the issues caused by counterfeiters, namely Alibaba vendors. Our tech is something they can't fake!


We are committed to advocating for more sustainable business practices. You have a voice in how products are made, distributed and recycled.


Full transparency is the best foundation. Data integrity is our highest priority so we leverage immutable distributed ledgers to prove our authenticity.

What is Blockchain Serialization?

the modern infrastructure for product identification

Can you spot the fake?

There is one major difference between the two

Material Checks out

Both tips and carts look similar

Weight is the identical

On a scale these products have the same weight

Universal 510 thread

Both fit universal battery kits

How do you test vapes at home?

Most people don't have lab equipment at home

Is there lead inside the cart?

Getting to the burn chamber isn't possible when it's filled

Can I know before I buy?

It would be fantastic to know which one is fake before trying to purchase
Do you own, operate or distribute vape products? Want to add blockchain serialization to your products or marketplace?